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Boards – Fuel your company or your career


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April 27, 2021 7:00 pm


Get insights into boards, how they function, the different types and how to find board opportunities or alternatively board members for your company.

Delphine Trabaldo, the Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Board Owl, will talk us through the fascinating world of boards, and talk about the added value of an efficient board as well as the benefits of being a board member.

At the end of the 60-minute webinar you will walk away with:

  • Profound board knowledge that isn’t overwhelming
  • Information that sets you apart from others who are seeking to become a board member or seeking to establish a board
  • The opportunity to join a network of decision takers
  • Live Q&A session with an experience advisory board member of Board Owl


Our speakers

Delphine Trabaldo:

After working 10 years in the financial industry in large organizations, where she held various roles as sales manager, chief of staff and consultant, Delphine Trabaldo decided to follow her real passion: entrepreneurship and the start-up world. As the founder of her own company, she has experience in developing a business from scratch and dealing with the challenges most small companies are exposed to. As a natural born networker and match-maker, Delphine is in her element in her role as Board Owl’s Head of Business Development & Partnerships, in which she is responsible for building and managing the partnerships for maximum impact.


Donald Waterreus

Advisory board member of Board Owl. He has a multi-decade experience in the finance industry having worked for renowned but very different banks in the major financial capitols of Europe.