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Communication with Impact by Barbara Stupp: Mastering typical communication dynamics between men and women


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September 29, 2020 6:30 pm


What are Think Tanks?

PWG Zürich will host a series of 4 enlightening and interactive Communication with Impact Think Tanks throughout 2020 for our members exclusively.

Think Tanks are smaller interactive workshops organized by an experienced facilitator. An opportunity to share your professional challenges, ideas and aspirations with professional, honest and supportive feedback.

These sessions have been designed for professional women looking to share ideas and get advice on specific topics.

During this Think Tank you will learn to master the typical communication dynamics between men and women.

Did you hear me when I said this a minute ago?

Did you experience that you say something in a meeting and there is little reaction. When a few minutes later a man says the same, the topic is much more recognized. In this session we will talk about strategies to be better heard and understood by men. We will talk about the key role of status and hierarchy in male communication. You will leave this session with tactics that you can apply to have more impact in your communication.

Communication with Impact is always an interactive Think Tank where we have the opportunity to share our tips & tricks.

Think Tank Leader: