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Feminine Health – Yoga, Hormones and Knowing Your Body


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June 22, 2021 7:00 pm


What does feminine Yoga and health look like? How can we use the knowledge around hormones and feminine Yoga to increase our energy, well-being and reduce stress and discomfort?

Come join us for an informative and interactive event:

  • Why does is make sense that women adapt their yoga practice and how can we do this?
  • How can Yoga help us with healthy hormones?
  • How can Feminine Yoga help us reduce stress?
  • Practical tipps for a more feminine approach to Yoga

There will be time for your questions at the end of the event.

Photo by Unsplash

Our speaker

Julia Glesti

Julia is a passionate yoga teacher specializing on yoga for feminine health.
After her studies in psychology and working for several years in the
corporate world, she started practicing and teaching different yoga styles
and fell more and more in love with a feminine approach to yoga. One that
respects our inherent cyclical nature and supports not only our hormones,
but our overall well-being as women. On her YouTube channel and in her
online group programs she teaches thousands of women in feminine and
fertility Yoga. After some years abroad, she lives with her husband and
their little son in the north of Switzerland.