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Establishing your own (side) business – online event


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October 6, 2021 7:00 pm


More and more women want to establish their own business.

Your own business can mean fulfilment, the realisation of your dreams, purpose, freedom, etc.

And yet the most difficult thing about it is to get started, to get off the ground.

This is why in this talk two women who have established their own businesses talk about: 

  • what is needed (practically and strength-wise)
  • what should be avoided
  • pitfalls and tips

Their business models are very different and should give you lots of inspiration on what is possible and what is needed.

About our speakers:


Bianka Koenig

Product-based wine business with partners

Bianka is a restless character, who has never shied away from changes in her life plan. From her conservative parenthood raised to be a young mother and housewife, she turned to a small business owner, started German studies afterwards, experienced all levels of consultant assistant, turned into an executive assistant to CEO in tech industry, unti beginning of 2020 she co-founded winemaker.com.







Sara Mobarhanfard

1st Business: Product-Based Textile Business

2nd Business: Service-Based Business (Consulting)

Sara is an ex-corporate employee turned entrepreneur,business coach and growth strategist for creative product based businesses.

She helps creative solopreneurs and small business owners turn their artistic talents into premium product collections and profitable lifestyle brands.


Instagram : @sara_mobarhanfard