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Feedback, May the Force Be with You!


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September 15, 2020 7:00 pm


Do you have a fear of feedback?

Does the word make you anxious, whether you have to give feedback or receive it?

Would you like to rock your annual review, learn how to handle client feedback with grace and style, and motivate your team to new heights with expertly crafted feedback that has a positive impact?

This workshop is for you!

Feedback is a force and you can decide to develop your feedback giving and receiving skills using this force.

You can use the power of feedback in your work to feel more motivated, see more clearly, and do better.

You can use the power of giving feedback to others to motivate, encourage innovation, build trust, and facilitate teamwork. It’s not all compliments and affirmations and there are danger zones to avoid.

Michelle will guide you through the exciting terrain and help you to feel more comfortable making feedback a frequent and natural part of your working life. May the force be with you!

This webinar will take place online via Zoom.

About our Speaker:

Michelle Guiliano is a TEDx Speaker, Coach, and Motivation Specialist. She began her career in high-performance sports after being among the first women’s rowing teams in the US to compete in the NCAA Championships as a university athlete. She coached rowing at an Ivy League university in the USA. She then took her high-performance coaching experience to the tech sector in executive search, and has been ranked in the top 1% of recruiters in North America and placed C-level executives across industries in Europe as well. She is the co-founder of a boutique communications and coaching consultancy (Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd.) and the co-author of The Integrity System, an online coaching and personal development program to help leaders act and improve decision-making for any challenge. You can find out more about Michelle and contact her for coaching, consulting, facilitation, training, and speaking on LinkedIn and Facebook and here: www.salt.consulting

You can enjoy a free workshop from Michelle Guiliano and her business partner Denise Nickerson here: www.theintegritysystem.com