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Monthly Event: Flughafen Zurich


65 Confirmed.


October 17, 2017 6:00 pm


8058 Zurich-Kloten


Flughafen Zurich


Behind the Scenes at the Airport

With just under 300,000 flights a year and 27 million passengers the Flughafen Zurich is a busy place. How to manage such a complex and busy operation?


We go behind the scenes at the airport for a tour of the services and facilities.

You will be amazed to learn what goes on there on a daily basis. Following the tour we will enjoy an apéro and hear from Sonja Zöchling, Head of Corporate Communications.

We will be going through security to see the operations so there are some important things to take care of prior to the event/tour:


1. The tour departs from Arrival 2 at 18.00 promptly (see the map below). If you arrive after the group has left on the tour, then you can’t catch up. You can only go through security as part of the tour.

2. Please bring your passport or ID to go through security.

3. The usual security rules about liquids, gels and sprays apply to the tour. Please leave anything over 100mls at home or in the office.

4. We will be walking so perhaps not a good day for your killer heels.

5. Please pay in advance when registering with Paypal. If you’ve not paid via Paypal, an invoice will be sent to you prior to the event. We will not accept the usual cash payments at registration due to the logistics of the tour.