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Innovative Bots: adding value to our daily life


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January 20, 2021 7:00 pm


The chatbot market is expanding and many companies are using them to generate leads and boost revenue.

Nina Habicht will introduce the Chatbots and Voice Assistant topic by outlining the technical backgrounds and by giving real practical insights.

Join us for an interactive online session and discover why chatbots are part of the marketing trends for 2021.

After the session, you will understand what is possible today, where the limitations are, and how digital assistants can be very valuable and innovative.

About our speaker:

Nina Habicht supports strategically and operationally start-ups and corporations in the development of products and visions. She is the founder of the Voicetechhub platform for the promotion of experts and companies with Conversational AI in Switzerland. As a partner of the development company Paixon, she realizes voice assistants and chatbots. Besides, she is a member of the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur and a guest teacher at ZHAW. She has worked in expert and leadership positions in the international tech environment at Bayer, Tamedia, Zühlke Engineering, and Dataphone, holding an MSc. in Business and Economics (University of Basel) and a MAS in Business Information System (ZHAW).