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Monthly Event – Inside the Fashion Industry: Digital Fashion Business Basics


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June 18, 2019 6:30 pm


Bahnhofstrasse 46
8001 Zurich

How Fashion Business Uses Digital Tools to Get More Sales

Do you like to shop online or do you prefer shopping in stores? Are you an impulsive buyer or do you spend days or even weeks researching a product before making a purchase? Do you use social media and follow some fashion influencers for keeping yourself informed about the latest fashion trends or your clothing purchase is based on your own preferences and lifestyle requirements? Too many questions to consider…


We thought it would be useful to learn more about the Fashion as a Business; to understand what tools do they use in targeting us as customers, how do they choose its marketing strategy, how did the digital transformation happen in the fashion industry and etc.

Our partner PKZ MEN & WOMEN will share with us their story of the success and also its insight on the digital area of the business.


The event is well complemented by two experts in the fashion-field :

Melis Sawerschel – founder & CEO of fashion brand “She Is Rebel”

​Founded in 2017 by Turkish Entrepreneur Melis Sawerschel, She Is Rebel is a Zürich-based online fashion brand offering fashionable clothes in a sustainable way, with an online magazine known for its acclaimed inspirations in powerful women’s lifestyle. She Is Rebel caters to women who lead their most stylish and inherently powerful lives, and is run by a team of ambitious, rule-breaker and creative women in Zürich, Paris and Istanbul. Instead of launching seasonal collections prepared months ahead, they offer what their customers wish to wear now and stay more responsive, sustainable and current at the same time. The way She Is Rebel aims to translate fast-fashion business model to sustainable practices sets the brand to be one of the fastest growing fashion eCommerce in Switzerland.

And don’t forget = PWG members get EUR 25 discount at www.sheisrebel.com

Rebellion is power #SheIsRebel

Website: She is Rebel  º Instagram º LinkedIn º Pinterest º Facebook

Tsitaliya  – founder of “Mums in Heels”

Mums in Heels is a Creative Content Studio dedicated to shaping ideas and concepts into fresh, focused and fascinating stories and text tailored for any audience and any medium. With a solid background in journalism and in fashion PR, it felt quite natural for Tsitaliya to slip into the role of brand manager and communication consultant. She is a local fashionista with a strong social media audience based in Zurich and its surroundings. During the event she will explain what it takes to become a fashion influencer and how does this business model work for her.

Website: Mum in Heels º Instagram º Facebook


Our partner Simply Soup is delighted to serve you with a healthy and delicious apero.

“Healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a happy soul and that is exactly what we want”


Important Info:

– Registration is from 18:30 to 19:00.

– Spaces are limited

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