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Interest Group: Balanced Living Group


November 12, 2015 7:00 pm


Augustinergasse 21
8001 Zurich


Interest Group:

Balanced Living Group


In these days we are all facing numerous challenges each day. For some people it is easier to deal with it than for others. In this group we would like to speak about all kinds of challenges which might risk our balance in life. We will share experiences discuss and also explore new ways to tackle issues. This includes for example Stress Management, health issues or even intercultural difficulties.

Session Topic

November Meeting will tackle the concept of Psychological Bias, what they are and how they affect our perception, our personal and business decision making, self confidence and general view of the world.

Who can join an interest group?

Interest Groups are open to any PWG member. You can go to as many interest groups as you like.

How do I join an interest group?

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How can I contact the interest group’s leader?

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Interest Group leader

Raluca Babota


Raluca is a psychologist and therapist with over 15 years of experience in clinical diagnosis

and evaluation, intervention, psychological education and intercultural training.