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35y PWG Anniversary @ Landesmuseum!


47 Confirmed.


October 16, 2018 6:00 pm


Museumstrasse 2
8001 Zürich

The PWG is turning 35 this year! 

Come and celebrate with us at the Landesmuseum!





How many times do we stop and think about our experiences and successes? About how our interactions with others have shaped us as individuals? When was the last time you felt pride about your accomplishments? Other people’s achievements? Well, as a professional group, we also get caught on the daily grind: emails, accounts, brainstorming, funding, preparation and promotion for our monthly events, etc.



Looking back to the last 35 years, we are reminded that we are the OLDEST PROFESSIONAL GROUP in Zurich for ENGLISH-SPEAKING WOMEN!



We are reminded of our wonderful members that come to our events and leave with a sense of purpose! We are reminded of every single volunteer who has contributed to create a space for women and for the development of their professional objectives.



It is with this mindset that we invite you to celebrate this milestone! Join us at the National Landesmuseum in Zurich where we will not only party but also have a private tour of the ‘Imagine 68’ exhibition’. We will learn more about the 68 Movement, which aimed to challenge the conservative social rules of the 1950s in Switzerland, see how women contributed to it and how we fit into this dynamic.



This multisensory experience will take us back in time, through collage of objects, videos, photos, music and artwork.



After this inspiring tour, a well deserved apéro will follow, in which we will remember a couple of anecdotes from the last 35 years of the PWG.


Take a look into Imagine 68!