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Monthly Event: Innovation & the Disruption of Industries


58 Confirmed.


November 20, 2018 6:30 pm


Räffelstrasse 24






How Innovation is Disrupting Traditional Businesses!



Disrupters are fundamentally changing the rules and dynamics of industries and creating new markets and economies, be it the likes of Uber or Airbnb, they shake up markets with new business models that are agile and scalable.



As the impacts of disruptive innovations continue to grow, the importance of being prepared to respond quickly can mean the difference between thriving, surviving or dying in the new market.


That is why the PWG invites you to attend a cross-industry disruption event to explore the impacts, benefits and challenges associated with rapid change. We’ll have three different perspectives of innovation and disruption.



Meet our Innovators


Alexandra Mandoki


Alexandra is a collaboration and innovation magician.


After more than two decades at companies like Kraft Foods, Starbucks and Migros in international leadership roles she founded Sparks Guide that specializes in team facilitation and innovation consulting. She has a Master of Sciences Degree, is a Proteus Alumni from the London Business School and has a CAS in Business Strategy from the University of St. Gallen. She is a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and a Design Thinking practitioner.


Already Charles Darwin highlighted it: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”  Innovation and change are the two constant in today’s fluctuating world. Digitalisation, robots and AI – these are not innovation anymore, rather the norm. Disrupting the status quo doesn’t always need the latest technology, often our childhood friend, play is the answer. Yes, play and innovation are very productive together. Join us to experience it first hand!





Tania Hardy
Crypto Valley Association, Communications Vice-Chair / what.capital, Head of Operations



Tania is a marketing communications professional with over 14 years of international experience in Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong. Currently, she is specialized in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain sectors and serves as the communications working group Vice Chair and Blockchain 4 Good working group team member at the Crypto Valley Association.


About disrupting industries, Tania explains: Blockchain is The Trust Enabler!


The value of blockchain as a trust enabler has a massive impact on our daily lives, and creates a new way to structure economic organizations. Join this session to discover how blockchain has the power to significantly disrupt and transform various industries and economie






FelFel – Katharina Braig
Disrupting the Food Industry

Thanks to FELFEL every company, independent of size can now offer good food at work to their employees.


FELFEL offers the easiest way to enjoy healthy, fresh food at work: employees can select between over 25 ultra-fresh dishes from all around the world within seconds. Swiss, Asian or American? Vegan, beef or raw? With FELFEL everyone finds delicious food according to their dietary preference. Employees have as well access to a wide variety of snacks, yogurts, and drinks.


FELFEL’s food scouts curate a new and balanced menu every single week and fresh meals are delivered daily. All their food is handpicked and cooked by local family producers. FELFEL’s partner chefs share a passion for good food, natural and local ingredients and cook with love and attention to details.


FELFEL is as well a tech company. They developed the leading technology for selling ultra-fresh food in offices as well as mathematical models for forecasting and restocking fresh food on a daily basis to reduce food waste.  In their talk, they are going to share their journey as an innovative start up in Switzerland and what are the 8 learnings of their success