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Monthly Event: Life-changing empowerment secrets – Mindful vs. Mind full


66 Confirmed.


September 20, 2016 6:30 pm


Pfingstweidstrasse 100
8005 Zurich

Life-changing empowerment secrets

Do you wish you had some simple, yet effective ways to deal with work stress and feeling overwhelmed with your to do list?

Mindful Leadership is becoming a hot topic in business and understanding more about it will give you the edge. In today’s stressed out, overworked and under appreciated work environments, mindfulness training will not only help you, but will also impact the people you work with too.

When we feel centered, grounded and confident, it’s so much easier to feel good with what we are doing and managing everything else on our plate more effectively.

In this workshop Mahima will share 6 key life hacks to empower your mindset and truly start to transform yourself and work life. Imagine being able to more effortlessly manage stress, increase energy and develop your intuition, all while juggling all the other balls too. Mindful leadership is all about accelerated personal growth, rather than moving along at a pace so slow you wonder, am I really getting more clarity, peace and joy in my life?

PWG is an awesome community that offers woman the possibility to come together and create empowering relationships that truly support each woman on her individual path. Come join this evening of personal empowerment in the setting of a group experience, connecting mindfulness to the PWG motto: Real Woman, Real Careers and Real Impact




Mahima Klinge
Internationally Renowned Self Mastery Mentor, Bestselling Author, Mindset Trainer & Speaker

Her impressive presences gained from more than 23 years of mindset  training and experience makes her an extremely effective and engaging Workshop Leader, Personal Mentor and Motivational Speaker. She is the Author of the international bestselling Book The Inner Peace Formula.