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Monthly meeting: The New Digital Economy


71 Confirmed.


April 19, 2016 6:30 pm


Neumuehlequai 42
8006 Zürich

The New Digital Economy

How to be successful online


How often do you buy on-line instead of in a shop? Search for information on-line instead of a newspaper? Marketed your business on-line instead of printing a brochure?

The world is changing rapidly and the new economy is all digital. You can be anywhere, anytime and be running your business, sharing ideas or finding out information. How does it work? Can you make money from on-line business.

Kamales Lardi, an expert on digital, will moderate a panel discussion on e-commerce and how it is changing the way we do business. We will hear from Leslie who sells clothing on-line, Deja and Angelica who run the organisation Girlfriend Guide to Zürich and Dimitri writes a blog about life in Switzerland.

Our Panel Speakers


Leslie_KusterLeslie Kuster, Back From Bali: E-commerce clothing and accessories

Leslie Kuster is a fashion e-commerce entrepreneur successfully selling on Amazon.com. As creative director and CEO of Back From Bali, she works with local artisans to design and produce her own exclusive clothing line in Bali. Motivated by a deep desire to work on her own terms and schedule, free from offices and traditional workplace restraints, Leslie started her importing business over 25 years ago after traveling to – and falling in love with – Indonesia. Once she decided to focus her business online, particularly with Amazon, her entrepreneurial career truly began to flourish (www.shopbackfrombali.com).
Leslie also has a master’s degree in social work, and for many years ran an esteem-building program called Girl Power for young girls in Zurich, which she directed along with her importing business. However, four years ago, after realizing that you need to put 100% attention on one thing to be successful, she decided to stop offering Girl Power classes and claim her own Girl Power by building her online e-commerce business – and she’s never been happier! 



Deja Rose, Co Founder Girlfriend Guide to Zürich

A travel addict at heart and hospitality connoisseur by trade, Deja drives Girlfriend Guide’s creative design, brand personality and she defines a ‘Girl on Fire’ when it comes to launching special promotions like the annual city-wide Spa & Wellness Week and national Advent Calendar. With a degree from Cornell University and a CV of global 5-star spa management and development roles, she’s living her passion uncovering the gems of Zurich and the people that make them happen…with big goals to bring Girlfriend Guide to more cities in the foreseeable future. She can be found exploring the city with her laptop, iPhone, human baby and fur baby, always making time to stop in one of Zurich’s delectable Cafés for research and inspiration.

Angelica Cipullo, Co-Founder Girlfriend Guide to Zürich

Passionate about gourmet food, adventure travel and her loveable family, Angelica is the glue that holds Girlfriend Guide together by managing the daily operations of all things Zuri Girl. She left the security of the corporate world, working for global corporations and agencies for prestigious events including the Masters Tournament, the Super Bowl, NHL All-star Game and NASCAR races, to chase her dream of living abroad and starting a business in a foreign country. She is energized by exploring the city, meeting inspiring business owners and sharing these gifts with our readers via creative writing and over CHF 25,000 in prizes via contests and giveaways. She can be found enjoying the Badi with her girls in summers and a luxurious cup of hot chocolate in winters…all while brainstorming Girlfriend Guide’s next big event.


Dimitri Burkhard: Newly Swissed

During the day, Dimitri Burkhard is an Online Marketing Manager at Swisscom Directories AG. For the past six years, he has also been running the Newly Swissed Online Magazine with the support of his wife and business partner, Mamiko Burkhard. Newly Swissed has started as a personal blog to document observations about life in Switzerland. It has quickly evolved into an online magazine with multiple authors across Switzerland, an event calendar and various social media profiles. The online magazine attracts upwards of 60’000 unique readers monthly: www.newlyswissed.com.Dimitri holds a B.A. in Communications from The Ohio StateUniversity in Columbus, Ohio, as well as a diploma in digital marketing from Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (ZHAW).

Kamales_lardiModerator: Kamales Lardi: Digital Expert

Originally from Malaysia, Kamales Lardi has been living and working in Switzerland since 2005. She started her career at Accenture, and later joined Deloitte. Her passionate interest in digital, social media and enterprise collaboration led her to become the Head of Social Media & Collaboration at Deloitte Switzerland. She has a B.Sc. in Computing & Information Systems (Hons.) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA), from Durham Business School. Kamales consults with well-known European companies and lectures on social media strategy at ZHAW School of Management and Law.