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Propel Your Career with Personal Branding


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April 6, 2021 7:00 pm


How are you perceived by your peers and seniors within your company? Is this helping or harming your career progression and success?

Personal branding and career management strategies are often overlooked by busy professionals, yet they are critical to propel your career.

In this workshop, I will give you concrete and actionable tools to reach your career goals leveraging personal branding and other career management strategies that will benefit both you and your employer.

What you will learn…

  • How to achieve better results by developing a clear vision and strategy for your career
  • How to reverse engineer your goals into a specific action plan and especially the “branding” needed to get you there
  • How to develop your brand with 4 essential questions
  • The key to being able to confidently articulate how you “add value” to position yourself for your career growth
  • Developing your visibility strategy within the company to establish and strengthen your personal brand and value
  • How personal branding can be used to foster mutually beneficial discussion with your employer

Gain clarity and confidence in the value you bring to the table and propel your career growth!


Catherine Leduc

Career Coach & Strategist

Catherine is a certified NLP & RSCI coach, speaker and author of multiple online courses on job searching and career management and brings 17+ years of experience in senior consulting roles in strategic planning & marketing. She has been the go-to person for job searching and career advice in her expat circles for over a decade before deciding to launch as a career coach. Her approach is focused on a strong strategic marketing background, extensive experience building and managing multi-disciplinary & multi-cultural teams across the World and a special attention to addressing mindset issues that often stand in the way of reaching our goals.

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