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PWG Goes Virtual: Take a seat Superwomen and Learn how downtime can boost your health, productivity and joy


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June 30, 2020 7:00 pm


Join us on this Webinar to uncover Eastern Medicine practices backed by solid science and practical, takeaway examples hosted by Lisa Belser, one of our PWG founding member.

We will cover:
• how a regular “unproductive” break can make a big change over time,
• the intrinsic intelligence of our bodies and learning to listen to it (versus mind-chatter),
• TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and some Mind-Body practices emerging from it: Meditation, Qi Gong, Energy Medicine & Meridian Tapping

About our Speaker / Presenter: Lisa Belser-Hutchings

Lisa Belser-Hutchings is an introvert propelled through life and the world by curiosity and a love for people and ideas. Her eclectic education (see below) and wide range of experience and interests contrast western scientific method with Eastern therapies and philosophy.


Born and raised in a musically inclined / teaching family in the Colorado and Ohio, she moved to Zurich in 1982 after college graduation and the marriage to her Swiss husband. She was enchanted with Switzerland, but also disturbed by the pervading Swiss cultural view of women: their clear glorification or disapproval at straying outside the box. These mixed messages led her on a search for others experiencing it, too, and ultimately led to the founding of the PWG with Ethel Vogelsang in 1983.


The birth of their first child in 1988 and second in 1991 changed her trajectory from traditional “office” work life to motherhood and she mixed in translating, English-teaching and singing. Motherhood re-awakened her connection to the body’s innate intelligence, which she has been exploring ever since.


She presently divides her workday between life as a middle school teacher and that of a Reflexology and EFT Therapist.


1982: BA in German Studies and International Business

1997 Classic Massage Therapist

2002 Aerobics Instructor J & S

2004 Zurich Conservatory Music Teacher Diploma

2005 Middle School English Teacher Diploma

2009 – 2014 Chinese Foot Reflexology levels I, II and III

2011- 2017 EFT Therapist levels I and II