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Monthly Event: Self Confidence – How to have balls even if you weren’t born with any


100 Confirmed.


January 17, 2017 6:30 pm


Pfingstweidstrasse 100
8005 Zurich

Self Confidence

How to have balls even if you weren’t born with any


What do corporate boardrooms and comedy stages have in common?

A prevalence of testosterone! And that’s no joke.

Nevertheless, international comedian and improv coach Sylvia Day has been able to create an impressive comedy career while not only retaining her femininity in a world of men, but embracing it.

First we’ll listen to Sylvia’s inspiring talk about her journey from a shy girl who was told “The best job for a woman is a good man” –

to producer of her own one-woman show Off-Broadway.

Sylvia’s talks and performances often involve breaking down the “fourth wall” of a stage – so be prepared for a lively, interactive session!


Trained by the world’s top improv schools (Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade), Sylvia will also show you some of her tricks and techniques on how to:

Trust and commit to yourself

Make bold statements

Take risks

Say no in a positive way

This energizing event is sure to set you on a positive track for the new year!


Sylvia Day 

Sylvia Day is an international comedian, actress, writer, and improv coach based in Zurich. Born in the US to Swiss-Brazilian parents, she worked in Corporate Communications on three continents for over 20 years. When her son was born, she became a freelance writer and premiered her first comedy show to Zurich audiences in 2013. Her comedy shows including “50 Shades of DAY!” are a regular hit in Switzerland and beyond, having performed them also in Chicago and Off-Broadway in New York. Sylvia’s most recent show, the political comedy “50 Shades of (Election) DAY!” premiered at Kaufleuten in November 2016 and was immediately extended and aired on Switzerland’s top TV network SRF1.


Sylvia coaches individuals, groups and executives on communications and team-building and

is a highly sought-after speaker and emcee thanks to her entertaining style.

She can be booked for coaching sessions, workshops and events at info@sylvia-day.com



Watch Sylvia’s interview on SRF1 Tagesschau: http://www.srf.ch/play/tv/tagesschau/video/us-wahlkampf-mal-anders?id=6033a437-7f75-482a-9947-89cabe27c97c

Watch Sylvia as Madonna in a parody of “Vogue”, called “Vote!” – created for the 2016 US presidential election: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbB5aLvr2Lc




Twitter: @mssylviaday

Instagram: mssylviaday