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Women Across Generations Talk – Opportunity and Challenges


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March 9, 2021 7:00 pm


‘Women Across Generations Talk – challenges and leadership’ will be opening up the floor to everyone to speak up and exchange struggles, challenges and inspirational stories as women across generations. 

About this event: 

We are excited to welcome Margaret Barrie – with 25 years of experience as a psychologist – and her daughter who will be sharing personal stories from their family spanning from 1902 until today across four generations and across continents in this open Talk. 

Think about what struggles you are facing at the moment and what challenges your mother or grandmother were facing and how leadership, motherhood, daughter-hood is affected by all of that. Let’s envision what kind of nurturing future we can create for our daughters, granddaughters and our families and society in general. 

For this event, to be as inclusive as possible, Margaret and Janet will open up the floor for everyone to join in in the discussion. 

We hope you feel inspired by Margaret and Janet’s drive and passion, how they overcame struggles and challenges to equality. 


About the speakers: 

Margaret Barrie

Born in Cape Town into a large family,  Margaret early learnt what it is to be the “odd person out’’. At first, it felt detrimental, until life taught her about some of its advantages.

She started her professional career as a dietitian. Family life took over for a while during which Margaret turned her hand to doing anything interesting that came her way and didn’t interfere with her parenting role. For example, she started and ran a small catering business, taught high school music for 2 years and did PR for a small independent business. 

Once her children launched into life, Margaret completed a qualification as a counselling psychologist and spent 25 years working in private practice. Recently, she became accredited as a Gallup® Strengths coach and now combines her general knowledge about people to coach individuals and teams, helping them find clarity of purpose and create value driven, collaborative practices. 

Margaret now lives and works in the UK though technology allows her to work more globally.


Janet du Preez

Janet du Preez helps leaders to navigate the unchartered demands of a rapidly changing and unpredictable world. Never in our modern history has this been more relevant.

For more than a decade, her company, Engagement Dynamics, has been helping leaders and organisations to optimally engage people and encourage leadership from all to tackle the challenges of change, complexity and conflict which constantly disrupt the status quo.

In 2020, believing that big problems disguise big opportunities, she developed the “Astute Leader Framework” and partnered with some genius colleagues to craft an extraordinary programme for the development of these critical 21st Century competencies. She has also recently launched the Astute Ecosystem: the incredible, transdisciplinary, collaborative ‘village’ that will ‘raise’ these leaders.

A very versatile leadership development practitioner with strong business acumen and executive experience; Janet is a passionate, proactive and creative thinker who is at her best partnering with courageous leaders to co-create thriving 21st Century organisations. She is constantly alert for good people, good ideas, and good systems which can be made even more effective.