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Monthly Event : Work-Life Integration


50 Confirmed.


November 21, 2017 6:30 pm


Bahnhofstrasse 74
3th floor
8000 Zurich


Work-Life Integration:

What Women can Learn from Men

(and vice-versa)



The Challenge: Work-Life Balance is often seen as a “women’s issue” to juggle work roles with family responsibilities. But gender equality starts at home with fair share of domestic and caring responsibilities in the family to allow time for a professional career. Gender equality is often approached by looking at how to increase women’s role in the workplace. But the other side is that it also requires increasing men’s role in the household.

The Science: Dr. Priscila Periera’s research looks at understanding how men and women’s approach to work-life balance to work. With better understanding we can learn how we can together have a fairer division of both paid and unpaid work.

The Findings: The set-up in households are more engrained and difficult to change than organisational cultures. While people think they have a modern family situation, their actual actions and behaviours are more traditional. The evidence has shown that the way men and women act and feel about work-life balance differs. In this study for example, women often feel guilty about prioritising work over family and judge themselves negatively. Men are more likely to feel regret afterwards, having missed out on some family event and are less judgemental about their decisions than women.

Come and learn what woman can learn from men about work-life balance and vice-versa


Come and learn how other families manage work-life balance, what brings them together and what pulls them apart when juggling work and life.



Priscila Pereira has extensive academic, professional and personal experience in the area of work-life balance. She has worked in a number of corporate roles in Human Resources Development. While currently working in a corporate role, she is also a part-time Associate Lecturer – Faculty of Business at Oxford Brookes University / Associate Researcher – The Centre for Diversity Policy, Research and Practice. Priscila’s research interests link well-being and gender equality in the fascinating debate of work-life balance. She is a mom to a very active 5 year old and married to a currently stay home dad who is on a career break from the MET Police Force UK.