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Embrace the HeART of listening: a powerful quest into active listening


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October 30, 2020 7:00 pm


Listening is a critical skill that, sometimes, we take for granted.

During this online webinar via Zoom, led by Carmen Balacianu, you will learn:

  • How to listen mindfully
  • How to stay fully present in challenging conversations
  • How to increase your confidence
  • How to connect with your colleagues and partners on a deeper level
  • How to listen from the heart and speak from the heart

You can use the power of listening to improve relationships, to emphatically listening to others, and help them learn and grow.

About our Speaker:

Carmen Balacianu is an Executive Coach, Resilience & Burnout Specialist, and Leadership Consultant with 15+ years of experience in Pharma, Banking, and High-Tech industries across Europe, Asia, South America, and the US.

She is passionate about learning and self-development and she helps women leaders who aspire to reach their potential while maintaining a sense of balance at home and at work.

You can find out more about Carmen and contact her for coaching, consulting, and speaking here: https://cb-coach.ch/about-me/