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From Burnout to Happiness – A Life Lesson for High Achievers


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December 8, 2020 7:00 pm


Expectations – The Killer of Happiness


Expectations from all sides and the fear of not being able to fulfil them lead to permanent stress aka “burnout”.


❓ But what exactly are expectations?
❓ What do expectations have to do with decisions?
❓ Are there really expectations towards ourselves?
❓ Can I lead a life free of pressure and the burden of expectations?


Yes. And that doesn’t take a miracle, but a little guidance.

“The greatest obstacle in life is the expectation that depends on tomorrow – and destroys today.” (Seneca)


Join PWG as we host this free interactive webinar by a former member of PWG, Bianca-Maria Klein as she shares with us her journey from experiencing burnout as a high achiever to finding happiness on her way to recovery. She shares with us tips and guidance on managing and understanding “expectations”.


About Bianca-Maria









• Training (DVCT) as systemic coach, change manager, trainer, business facilitator

• ​Training (ICF) Solution-oriented short-term coaching

• ​ Key Note Speaker

• ​ 20 years of professional experience in the management of international companies

Bianca-Maria now runs her own company as speaker and coach on Expectations and Change.

Find out more about her work here :  https://www.biancamariaklein.com