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How to Sleep Better & Stress Less


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May 11, 2021 7:00 pm


Do you feel you lose focus very quickly and cannot concentrate properly? Are you moody or irritable with your partner, kids, friends or colleagues? Are you feeling drowsy throughout the day and trying to combat that feeling through coffee?
You are not alone. Studies have shown that around every third person has sleep issues to some extent.
Sleep issues not only affect our mood but also our focus, memory, health, immunity, fertility, skin, weight, etc.
In this webinar you will learn the following:
  • the signs of chronic stress and of sleep deprivation
  • Reasons for sleep issues (e.g. why you are waking up at night)
  • the ways to reduce and release stress
  • easy and effective steps and tips for better sleep (not the usual sleep hygiene tips about low temperatures, dark bedrooms) 😉

At the end you will have a toolbox of things to try and implement right away.

Our speaker

Natascha Katzwinkel

Natascha has gone through a burnout and 3.5 years of sleep deprivation and sleep issues and has tried everything – some very ridiculous things looking back – to sleep better. She used to work in the fast-paced tourism industry that burned her out and now helps stressed women fall in love with their sleep and life again in her signature 8-week programme. She goes through books like a bookworm, loves to cook, bake, and eat, travel, and enjoy her morning routine.

Natascha is also PWG’s Event & Content Manager for 2021.