PWG Zürich will host a series of 4 enlightening and interactive Idea Generator Think Tanks throughout 2020 for our members exclusively.

What are Think Tanks?

Think Tanks are smaller interactive workshops organized by an experienced facilitator. An opportunity to share your professional challenges, ideas and aspirations with professional, honest and supportive feedback.

These sessions have been designed for professional women looking to share ideas and get advice on specific topics.


Idea Generation Series

We have so much talent and expertise within PWG that together we can all succeed much faster and easier than working alone. The Think Tank Idea generation offers a place where you can present your project, problem or idea and then the whole group will act as a sounding board to create momentum for you to succeed. Success through sharing and receiving ideas and wisdom.

This first session of 2020 will explore the following question: How to step out of your procrastination comfort zone?
Are you procrastinating? Have you been procrastinating on something for a while? Maybe you find yourself putting off setting up your business. Or messing around on Facebook than reaching out to potential clients. Why is that? I don’t believe it’s because you are lazy. Maybe you have too much on your plate. Or maybe it’s excuses. Typically, we procrastinate for a reason, we’re trying to avoid feeling a certain way. We’re afraid of putting ourselves out there in some form, we don’t want to feel rejected, criticised or even not knowing what will happen can be quite scary. 

For the first hour we look at issues around procrastination lead by Selina Man Karlson. Selina is the author of the book “Step out of your Comfort Zone” and helps people overcome procrastination and take action with Rapid Transformational Therapy. Selina will share her story of her journey and demonstrate some of the techniques she uses to help people to overcome procrastination.

The second hour participants are welcome to share an idea, challenge or project they wish to brainstorm with other people with around careers, business and professional life. There will be 15 minutes to discuss each idea, facilitated by Jane Piper.

About Selina

Selina Man Karlsson is a British born Chinese and has lived in Zurich since 2002. She is committed to personal development and growth and constantly challenges herself and others around her. She worked for a large financial institution for 13 years, within IT, Client Advisory and Business Management. Many of you will know she founded and ran Curious Course in Zürich for many years. She has now started a new business as a Rapid Transformational Therapist to help ambitious women live their vision, overcome procrastination and take action.

Important Info:
  • – Think Tanks are open to any PWG member. You can go to as many Think Tanks as you like.
  • – Spaces are limited to 12 women, to work closely together
  • – It is FREE! Complimentary Series for PWG members only

– How do I join a Think Tank? It’s easy: register here for free, check the venue and join us.

Think Tank Leader: