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Interest Group: Success Group


2 Confirmed.


March 1, 2016 7:00 pm


Färberstrasse 6
8008 Zurich


Interest Group:

Success Group


We have so much talent and expertise within PWG that together we can all succeed much faster and easier than working alone. The Success Group offers a place where you can present your project, problem or idea and then the whole group will act as a sounding board to create momentum for you to succeed. Success through sharing and receiving ideas and wisdom.

Who can join an interest group?

Interest Groups are open to any PWG member. You can go to as many interest groups as you like.

How do I join an interest group?

It’s easy: register here for free, check the venue and join us!

In case it is not possible to register online. Please send an email to Jane to register for this event: jane@pwg-zh.com

How can I contact the interest group’s leader?

Check the Interest group page on this website. The leader’s photos, email address and link to their Linkedin profile is under the description of each group. They will tell you more about the group, when they meet and give you information of how you find out about the upcoming meetings


Interest Group leader

Jane Piper



Jane is a HR Consultant and Caoch with her own company Pipsy GmbH. Her aim is to make work better. She works with companies to help them to get the best out of their people, and with people to get the best out of their careers. She loves to develop people and help them grow, while having lots of fun.