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Monthly Event – PWG Power Talk on Unlocking Big Data for Good


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May 19, 2020 7:00 pm


PWG Power Talk on Unlocking BIG Data for Good

Interested to learn about the most exciting trends in the big data fields? How the landscape of big data is being transformed? What will fizzle out in the background? What are the opportunities and challenges coming up? You must join us for the PWG Power Talk to share and learn about the top big data trends in 2020.

In our online May Power Talk, we’ll enjoy a panel discussion with 4 accomplished professionals as well as time for questions after. The link to our Zoom Power Talk will be shared with the participants before the event.

We are delighted to share with you our panel guests:

  • Priska Burkard (our moderator) is the co-founder of TechFace,  the go-to community when it comes to matching high-potential tech talent with inspiring companies
  • Natalia Tsarkova, CEO of Tribo, the corporate culture app
  • Jaap Vossen, CEO of autoSense, your car in one app
  • Maxime Gabella, Founder of MAGMA Learning, enhancing learning in organisations