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Monthly Event: Vision & Success in a Traditional Business!


37 Confirmed.


April 17, 2018 6:30 pm





When Chocolate mixes heritage and modernity

The first time Honold was managed by a woman was in 1987, by Lotti Honold. That a woman should lead a Pâtisserie in Switzerland is still rare today and was even more so 20 years ago. Founded by Fritz Honold in 1905, Confiserie Honold passed onto the 4th generation in 2011. Cristina de Perregaux took on the challenge to bring Honold into the present with a future.


As the head of Honold, Cristina’s main objective has been to modernize the existing infrastructure at all levels: from the production rooms, website, and IT to the business development strategy put into place to find new locations to be closer to her customers. In this process of modernization, she has stayed loyal to Honold’s principals: producing and selling our handmade authentic high quality products with passion and creativity.


Cristina also has bigger ideas for the business created by her Great-Grandfather: Expansion with sustainability. While the fresh products are exclusively available in Zurich, the chocolate selection has the potential to be sold outside of the region as well as internationally. Since 2016, Honold is a member of «Against Foodwaste», a group of businesses aiming to be as sustainable as possible.






Born in Bern in 1965 to Swiss parents in the diplomatic service, Cristina de Perregaux started school in London then Geneva, Seoul and finally Brussels. She studied at University College London reading speech sciences and graduated with a BSc and was a MCSLT until 2000. She worked as a speech therapist at USZ in the ENT department from 1991-2000 specialising in dysphagia and dysfluency disorders, with a year in between in New York (due to husband’s job). In 2005 she “helped out” at Honold for the centenary. For the 3 following years she underwent a “Schnupperlehre” at Honold. In 2010, Lotti Honold wanted to sell the business, whereupon a decision of the heart was made to take over the family business. She is married and mother of two children (17 & 20 years old).