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Monthly Meeting: Wine Tasting in the heart of Zurich


55 Confirmed.


August 18, 2015 6:30 pm


Kirschgasse, 14
8001 Zurich


Join us to the annual PWG wine tasting!

This year’s event features wines from women winemakers around the world in an informal, interactive networking event at the historic Karl der Grösse center in the heart of Zurich.

Stephanie Hergenrader from Zürich’s Uncorked will host and introduce a range of wines from pioneering women winning acclaim in the challenging (and male!) world of wine production. From trendsetting New World countries such as Australia and Argentina to traditional European strongholds such as Spain’s famous Rioja, France’s legendary Burgundy and northern Italy’s rugged Trentino, our wines with a woman’s touch promise a lot to experience… and chat about!

The evening features 5 wines with 4 specially-prepared “small plate” food pairings–enough for a light dinner–and journey through a selection of world styles and regions.
Stephanie Hergenrader
A native of Minneapolis, USA, Stephanie Hergenrader led her family to Zürich in 2007 as European marketing manager for Hyatt Hotels. A WSET-certified wine educator with a lifelong interest in food, wine and travel, Stephanie co-founded Uncorked GmbH in 2013 to bring a sense of informal exploration and fun to wine events and education in Zürich. She works full-time in marketing at UBS. 

Uncorked Wine Appreciation offers private and team building wine & food social events and courses to demystify wine and bring fun-loving people together in Zürich. With Uncorked, wine has nothing to do with being a snob, but everything to do with memorable experiences: eating, drinking, celebrating and meeting people.