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Monthly Event: Entrepreneur Spotlight at Crowne Plaza


62 Confirmed.


September 15, 2015 6:30 pm


Badenerstrasse 420
8040 Zurich


PWG Entrepreneur Spotlight

The Entrepreneur spotlight is a panel discussion with four women, three entrepreneurs at different stage of the business lifecycle and one angel investor.

We believe success leaves clues and we can learn a lot from people who have gone before us.

From our panellist we will hear

  • How they started their business
  • What they learned along the way
  • What enabled them to get to where they are today
  • What challenges they overcame along the way

We want to support PWG entrepreneurs. We will have our very first PWG Expo and members can have a trade table during the event. Reserve your trade table soon as space is limited and let’s celebrate female entrepreneurship together!

For trade table reservation or question about the event, please contact:  anapaula@pwg-zh.com  and  alena@pwg-zh.com


Marie Ry Bendixen

The Bookwrap

Marie Ry Bendixen is Danish female entrepreneur with a corporate background in international procurement and project management. In 2012 she had a banana attack on a book in a bag and hereafter invented The Bookwrap. The Bookwrap is a flexible protection sleeve, innovatively designed for things that matter and neat people who care. SWISS magazine calls The Bookwrap a must have travel companion.

www.thebookwrap.com    /   info@thebookwrap.com

Assam Klammsteiner

Simply Soup


Assem is the founder and owner of Simply Soup, a restaurant chain in Zurich. Originally from Kazakhstan, Assem came to Zürich in early 2010 and opened up her first restaurant in January 2012. Her background is in Business Management and Administration. Assem`s vision is to make healthy fast food available to everyone everywhere at anytime.

Giselle Rufer

Delance Swiss Watches


In 1996, Giselle Rufer decided to create DELANCE, Swiss watches for women as she saw a gap in the market for watches especially designed women (not just a smaller version of a man’s watch). Giselle, an artist and engineer, draws on her experience of becoming an entrepreneur. Her desire was to create a masterpiece, a work symbolizing her talents and personal commitment. Giselle through her creation of the DELANCE has learnt about the creativity, courage and dedication to excellence need to be a successful entrepreneur. She shares her experience with entrepreneurs or those who dream of creating their own business.

www.delance.com  /  giselle.rufer@delance.ch

Brigitte Baumann

Go Beyond Early Stage Investing, CEO

European Angel Investor of the Year


Brigitte Baumann is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. Go Beyond enables novice and experienced, small and large investors, to access angel investing. Brigitte has 20 plus years of experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe . She was the CEO and Director of iWORLD Group, a global developer of mobile content. She was Senior Vice President and General Manager Internet at American Express Corporate Services. Prior to that, Brigitte spent three years as President for US and Canada of Gemalto, the world’s leader in smart card technology. Born and raised in France, Brigitte and her family now live in Zurich.

go-beyond.biz  /    brigitte.baumann@go-beyond.biz

Désirée Steinmann

Steinmann International, Coach

Désirée Steinmann_2_geschnitten_verkleinert

The event is chaired by Désirée Steinmann, of Steinmann International. Désirée is a coach and workshop facilitator what has been running who own company for 12 years. She has coached many new women entrepreneurs through her VIP team and success groups.

www.steinmann-international.com  /  info@steinmann-international.com