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Monthly Event – Investing the Future: Why we need more women investing


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April 16, 2019 6:30 pm




PWG is organizing a panel discussion on a life-changing topic for the most of us – Why and how you should start investing.

Please join us at 25 Hours Hotel Zurich on the 16th of April, 2019 at 6:30pm.

We invited three experienced speakers, who will explain you how you can secure your future financially by investing little by little. We will show you that it is not difficult to start and everyone can do it!

Our panelists will introduce you to a few ways of investing. The most exciting part relates to a direct effect you can have in promoting and supporting the gender diversity and sustainable investing by adapting Gender Lens and Sustainable Investing. How cool is that?!








Meet our Moderator


Jane Piper



Jane Piper is an Organisational Psychologist who grew up in New Zealand. She has been living abroad for many years, most recently for over 10 years in Switzerland. Bringing a unique blend of kiwi creativity and Swiss efficiency, she combines writing, consulting and coaching on topics of careers, collaboration and culture.

With twenty years’ experience in various corporations, she is a keen observer of people, careers and organisational culture, often seeing the irony and humour. She believes that work should be an enjoyable experience with opportunity for people to grow and learn. She advises people how to find fulfilling and enjoyable work, and organisations how to make their work practices and culture more human-centric.



Meet our Panelists

Aysha van de Paer

Aysha is the author of a blog on investing for women. Her aim is to empower women to become confident and responsible investors and help them build financial security over the long term.

Before getting into the blogging sphere, Aysha spent over a decade working in Private Equity Real Estate for established investment and consulting firms around the world.

Having worked and studied in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, Dubai, Amsterdam, and the UK, she encountered very early the many challenges of managing her personal finances when living abroad.

In early 2017, Aysha lost her husband Karl in a road accident while she was expecting their second child. The new financial reality that followed inspired her to start her blog.

By sharing her personal story and knowledge about investing, she hopes to inspire many millennial women to invest and achieve financial security.


Karina Storinggaard

Karina helps companies deliver on their vision and mission. In other words, she is a marketer, advisor and SDG (5) advocate. Her purpose is to impact society by helping people and organisations transform & innovate.

She is the cofounder of Think Yellow, a company that envision a world where gender is no longer a question. She works part-time as the Swiss Managing Director of the digital agency Shape, which helps organisations build new business models, transform and innovate through outstanding app development. She also serves as the chairman of the board of SportySport Aps, her family’s retail company and the Impact Hub Zurich.

Karina is originally Danish, has lived in the US, Hong Kong and since 2003 in Switzerland. She holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration.

In the past years, she served as the President of the Professional Women’s Group of Zurich and was the Swiss representative of WeConnect International on a non-profit basis.

Svetlana Baurens

Svetlana Baurens is Co-founder and President of Galileo IIIC. She is an expert in impact investing and is actively raising awareness about this topic in the Swiss financial industry with the main purpose to transform it to the force for good. She has been a speaker at various conferences and gives impact investing masterclasses in Zurich for public and institutions.

Svetlana has working experience at various banks, such as J. Safra Sarasin, Societe Generale, Family Office and Asset Management companies in Zurich. She is also co-founder of Euforia, international, youth-driven social innovation enterprise with in-depth experience as Project Manager, Finance Coach and Facilitator.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/galileoiiic/

Website of Galileo IIIC

LinkedIn of Svetlana Baurens



Important Info to keep in mind:

– Registration is from 18:30 to 19:00

– Spaces are limited

– Please be mindful and inform us if you can´t make it. We accept cancellations up to 48h before the event. Just write us an email : julia@pwg-zh.com