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PWG Goes Virtual: Poise, Presence, & Power – Communications from the Heart


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May 26, 2020 7:00 pm


Whether you are in negotiations, applying for jobs, presenting ideas, giving feedback, marketing, persuading, selling, or networking; you can leverage your emotional power and authentic self to create a positive impact in your life and in the world.

Join our webinar-workshop to reinforce some key themes and principles for making your communications flow and feel more intentional and authentic. Come prepared with pen and paper so you can jot down your ideas and questions. There will be some short written exercises during the talk as well. You can also think of a communications challenge or upcoming opportunity to work on during this webinar so that our time together will make an immediate positive impact in your life and work.

Looking forward to sharing research, rituals, and habits that can unleash your strongest voice and your best ideas as you exemplify Poise, Presence, and Power in your life!

It’s today May 26 at 7 pm Zurich time!

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About our speaker

Denise Nickerson is a Fulbright Scholar, Author, and Community Leader.

She began her career in Education and has been a speaker in 300+ universities and schools in over 30 countries. She is the co-founder of a boutique communications and coaching consultancy (Salt Consulting & Communications Ltd.) and the co-author of The Integrity System, an online coaching and training program and decision making tool that was released in 2019. She has a multi-disciplinary Masters Degree in Education and has completed a post-grad specialist certification in Vocational Psychology.

She’s passionate about diversity and inclusion, and believes fiercely in the need for a sustainable economy and the practical application of feminism for the benefit of men, women, children, and the planet.

You can find out more about Denise and contact her for coaching, consulting, counseling, facilitation, training, and speaking on LinkedIn and Facebook and here: http://www.salt.consulting/

Denise and Michelle are the founders of the Facebook Community “Women Rock Switzerland”,  a growing, caring and energetic community of women who help each other, share knowledge, collaborate, connect and empower other women to grow and make the most of their potential.

You can enjoy a free workshop from Denise and her business partner Michelle here: http://www.theintegritysystem.com

Looking forward to host this exciting webinar and connect with all of you!