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Monthly PWG Event: Your Amazing Elevator Pitch in 30 seconds!


May 19, 2015 8:30 pm


Neumuehlequai 42
8006 Zürich

Your Amazing Elevator Pitch in 30 seconds!

Effective Impression Management for Women


What do people say about you when you leave the room?

What is the perception you’d like to create in every important encounter?

If you were to suddenly run into your optimal potential client or stakeholder right now, would you be able to tell him/her what value you add in less than one minute?

This interactive presentation from Gabriela Müller Mendoza will help you (female business owners / professionals / entrepreneurs) build self-awareness and trigger actions to unleash your full potential. Make your personal brand be recognized and memorable, so it works for you every time. Master an outstanding world-class personalized elevator pitch.

You will learn two cutting edge methods.

·       Let your presence shine authentically

·       Learn a world-class method to crave your message- applicable and practical tools

·       Let anyone know who you are and what value you add in an effective 30 second interaction

Used well, these methods will open up unique opportunities for you.


Gabriela Müller Mendoza is a leadership and cross-cultural-diversity coach, trainer and speaker. A dynamic mum-preneur, Gabriela’s Latin-Swiss flavor bridges cultures and perspectives since 2002, withwww.powerful-change.com  Active worldwide, her sunshine moments are where the players in the audience learn by doing, moving, dancing, connecting, discovering the best version of their authentic selves. Business owner, daring entrepreneur, positivity engager, humorous adventurer, life traveler, passionate salsa dancer. Her Motto: Empowering female talent is the most direct way to positively impact the world.

Her profile includes 12 years of consulting in the corporate blue-chip world, MBA Global Leadership Social Media (CH), BA in Information Business Technology; and 13 years as certified Coach CTI Institute (UK). She coaches women in C level jobs, high performance athletes, world-leaders and professionals; she uses audio-visual-movement techniques; her clients are leaders in IT, Telecom, Pharma, NGOs, Education, Energy.