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Special Event in cooperation with lululemon: Fuel Your Life


July 13, 2017 6:30 pm


Fuel Your Life

in cooperation with

lululemon athletica Zurich


We are really happy to be able to offer you this amazing event, run by our member Montse in cooperation with lululemon Zurich!

The objective of this workshop is to take a look at our fuel sources: food, movement and joy! This is not a workshop about calories, diets or a food doctrine. Forget about grams, macro nutrients, low fat, portions, good and bad foods. Let’s look at food as fuel for your body, food has the capacity of healing if we just let it a chance. There is joy and magic in food. Let’s take back this pleasure!

Take a good look at this wonderful, graceful and incredible body of yours. Your body is your home, your tool to achieve your objectives, it helps you go around your day fulfilling your purpose and helping others achieve theirs. How am I supporting my amazing body to serve successfully its purpose?

In this workshop Montse will help you navigate through the confusion of nourishing your body with simple, easy and joyful tips to improve your life right now!

Our star topics will be: Refuel, Destress, Rejoice.


Price: free



12 Marktgasse

8001 Zürich



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