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Successfully navigating conflict at work – with Barbara Stupp


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October 26, 2021 7:00 pm



 25.00 (CHF)

“In business,

when two people always agree,

one of them is irrelevant.”

William Wrigley


Conflicts at work are pretty much inevitable as you compete for time, promotions, resources, projects, attention, exposure, ….

Engaging with people who disagree with you is a chance to examine the beliefs and values you normally take for granted. Instead of doing things your way or their way, you can develop new ways.

Avoidance of conflicts limits exchange of perspectives and can weaken your position at work.

In this Think Tank session we share how to approach conflict at work and manage the balance between meeting your objectives and keeping relationships intact.

In collaboration with Barbara Stupp (www.OYSIA.net) our PWG Think Tank series on Communication with Impact creates a safe space to exchange knowledge, tips & tricks and real life experiences on communication challenges.

You will leave the Communication with Impact sessions with new insights and practical solutions.