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Think Tank: Inspiration@lunch


2 Confirmed.


December 15, 2016 12:15 pm


Bahnhofstrasse 74
8001 Zurich

Think Tank




Are you sometimes thinking about quitting? Are you searching for a new job or even thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? These are just some topics we will discuss during our lunch event!
So, how could you enhance your working life and do what you love? We will find out.
This group addresses women, who would like to make a change, love to network and want to explore personal roadmaps and discuss to help unfold the potential.

Who can join a Think Tank?

Think Tanks are open to any PWG member. You can go to as many Think Tanks as you like.

How do I join a Think Tank?

It’s easy: register here for free, check the venue and join us!

How can I contact the Think Tank’s leader?

Check the Think Tank page on this website. The leader’s photos, email address and link to their Linkedin profile is under the description of each group. They will tell you more about the group, when they meet and give you information of how you find out about the upcoming meetings


Think Tank leader

Kathrin Puhan-Henz


Kathrin is trainer and coach for communications training and organisational development running
her own training boutique in Zurich since 2009.
Her mission is to help clients in getting the message across and exploring their
talents to flourish the business.