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PWG is an international career network for women in Zurich founded in 1983. We connect women with a mutual interest in developing professional connections, shaping careers, exchanging cultural experiences and learning trends in the professional environment


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PWG Community

Corporate Women

Build a strong network of career women

Meet women in similar fields in other companies

Get inspired with speakers and members from diverse backgrounds


Share ideas and challenges with other entrepreneurs

Network with professional women from diverse backgrounds

Learn from inspired speakers and fellow members

In Transition

Build your network in Zürich

Open your mind to possibilities in Zürich

Meet new people in a supportive community

Members have free access to PWG Think Tanks, invitation to attend exclusive events, discounted offers and more…

Our partners and sponsors

We’d like to recognize and thank our wonderful sponsors and partners. Together we share the success of developing the professional careers of women in the Zurich region.

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